Posted by: Educated and Aware | April 13, 2009

About Site

Welcome to a new blog about sales ethics. For many, the term is an oxymoron as they consider the act of selling to be strewn with ethical failures from start to finish. In some cases, that may be the case. But in those cases, it is the individual and not the role or position that is wrong. Sales is simply the act of helping two parties come to an agreement. Some agreements involve the parties directly and other agreements involve agents where one or both persons is acting on behalf of someone or something else.

So what is sales ethics? What are ethical sales behaviors? What are unethical sales behaviors? How can we respond to unethical behaviors? How do we reward ethical behaviors? Who is most likely to commit unethical sales activities? What is to blame for unethical sales behavior? All good questions, with many more, most of which will not be definitively answered but can be openly debated. and are displayed in this blog format–for now. Feel free to contribute, to ask, to challenge, to suggest. All comments on the subject are welcome and only those comments trying to redirect to a non-related site will be deleted or edited.



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