Papers on Sales Ethics

This page is designed to be a linking page to papers on the subject of sales ethics. For sure, my research will appear here but I encourage anyone who visits the site to post their own papers on the topic. If you cannot get your paper posted directly on the site, email it to me and I will post it for you with all the appropriate links and references to original authorship. Papers are expected to be original work, properly cited and prepared, and while APA format will not be a mandate, it is suggested that good formatting is used for readabilty with clear references a requirement for acceptance.



  1. “In an environment where over 50% of income is earned by commission, is it ethical for a salesperson selling technology to be used in a manufacturing environment, to withhold information that new technology will be available in less than three months which make the equipment financially obsolete and will therefore significantly negatively impact the buyer’s ROI of the proposed purchase, so that he can make a sale and receive his commission?”

    Paper submitted for doctoral ethics class on Commission as a Moral Hazard

  2. “Is it ethical to withhold directly pertinent information from a prospect on a product development that is yet to be announced that is highly likely to delay the purchase decision?”

    This paper presents a decision model from various schools of ethical philosophy to answer this question.
    Paper submitted for doctoral ethics class on Withholding Information

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